What Can You Do Right Now?


The concept of changing our mindset goes beyond personal well-being and resilience. With the many serious workplace challenges that pharmacists face on a daily basis, it’s important to consider the impact of mindset on our practice environment and professional goals.

As Karen Hurt and David Dye — authors of the blog “Let’s Grow Leaders” — noted in a recent post, “You can’t lead well when you feel like a victim… When you’re stuck wishing things were different, you can’t create positive change.”

Their advice? Do what you can to reclaim your power. “Remember that you are in full control of yourself… [your managers] don’t choose how you act, how you treat people, or what kind of culture you create. That choice belongs to you.”

In the previous post, we considered the question “What do I need right now?” We can ask a related question in our practice environment: “What can I do right now?”

What is one small step you could take to exert your personal power at work and bring about some positive change?

By Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz

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