Planning Your Fresh Start: Step 2


Hi there! How did things go for you in Step 1? Any surprises?

I didn’t give very specific directions in Step 1, on purpose. Step 1 was intended to capture ideas and impressions. Things you might not have thought about before, or taken time to consider.

The next step is to take a closer look at those things — to go a bit deeper and reflect on the lessons learned during the “pandemic pause.” 

See how your responses to the questions on the Step 1 worksheet help you complete the following statements:

  • If the pandemic pause had never happened, I never would have realized how much I value…
  • If there hadn’t been a pandemic pause, I never would have understood how much I really don’t like or enjoy…
  • The pandemic pause helped me recognize how much I wish I had more time to…
  • Now that the pandemic pause is coming to an end, I’m concerned about falling back into…
  • If I could do just one thing differently in my “next normal,” it would be…


By Cynthia Knapp Dlugosz

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