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Planning Your Fresh Start: Step 3

Back in April, an episode of the NPR podcast Life Kit focused on how everyone might be a bit rusty in their interpersonal skills as things start to open back up and people begin socializing again. At one point, they discussed how the pandemic might have revealed the real limits of our social capacity.   As the main guest — Celeste Headlee, author of the book We Need to Talk: How to Have...

Planning Your Fresh Start: Step 2

Hi there! How did things go for you in Step 1? Any surprises? I didn’t give very specific directions in Step 1, on purpose. Step 1 was intended to capture ideas and impressions. Things you might not have thought about before, or taken time to consider. The next step is to take a closer look at those things — to go a bit deeper and reflect on the lessons learned during the “pandemic pause.” ...

Planning Your Fresh Start: Step 1

Back in the 1960s maybe?… there was a Broadway musical with the title “Stop the World, I Want to Get Off.” I really don’t know anything about the show — just the name. Before the pandemic, when life would seem truly out of control, I would think about that title. I would think, “wouldn’t it be great if I could hit some kind of pause button for a few weeks or...

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